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Have you ever had the thought of getting your book published online? Are you a writer and what to get heard online? This post will help you create an eBook.

Having your books online is one great way to get much audience to read your book which is called eBooks. An eBook is the electronic version of your book which can be read by a variety of people via their computers or mobile phone.

Now you might have been hearing of eBooks and might be wondering what software you need to create an eBook and get it published online too but just cannot figure out which to use.

Now am going to be tutoring you on how you can easily get your books online. Publishing your books online for people to read and get informed or updated is not as hard as you may have thought.

This would be true only if you follow the simple guide on this post. I have been using this to publish my books in PDF and have decided to share with you.

This has not caused me more or any stress creating my eBooks and publishing them online. I am doing it the easy way and have not had any issues with it. By following this tutorial by our Guest Author you are going to learn how to write your books and publish them online which in turn makes you money.

By following this tutorial by a Guest Author and good friend Prosper Noah, you are going to learn how to create an eBook and publish them online which in turn makes you money.

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Create an eBook

What do you need to create an eBook?

There are things you will need to create an eBook for the world to read:

1. eBook Content

Before even planning on publishing your book online there is one thing to consider. Though this is not necessary, to enhance more success of your eBook you should take this seriously. The content of your book matters a lot. A good eBook should contain the below:

  • Must add Value to its reader
  • Should be unique: Not the type that can be found easily on the web or all over the web
  • Must be comprehend-able: you should write what people can understand

If your book contains the above mentioned, then there is a possibility that it will go a long way online

2. A Good Word Processing Software such as Microsoft Word

The best program I have found so handy especially when writing my books to publish online is the popularly known Microsoft Word.  It’s easy and fast for almost any beginner just as the post title implies.

I use Microsoft Word 2010 currently but if you are running 2007 or later version, no worries still.

I suppose you already know how to format documents on MS word. It lets you avoid unnecessary spaces and makes your work neat.

Note that it’s not a number of words that really matters. But passing out the information is the key to the extent that the reader understands the matter.

 So write and make it pass out the information needed.

3. A Portable Document Format (PDF) to save your Work

To create an eBook, you would need a portable document format to enable it to be viewed online.

This is where PDF comes in. PDF helps to keep your book formatting intact such that it can be viewed on almost every computer or mobile phone.

PDF is accepted as a valid format by many agencies and organizations. When the PDF format file is viewed online, it retains the format that you intended.

Microsoft Word enables you to save your work in different formats such as plain text, webpage, docs, etc. but it does not come with the .pdf format which enables you to save your work in PDF format which you are looking for. But there is a way. Yes, it does not come with it by default but you can actually download the Save as PDF add-in to make it save your works in PDF formats.  

You can download the Save as PDF add-in here to be able to save your works in PDF formats straight from Microsoft Word.

4. Design Cover for your Book

Now that you have the necessary tools to publish your book online its time you create a cover for your book to make it more attracting.

An attractive eBook cover makes people want to read your book. It is the one that tells what your book is all about, what readers should expect when they buy it.

The title of your book, the Author Name etc. Make use of Canva for designing your eBook covers. If you have knowledge of Photoshop, it’s an added advantage too.

5. Publishing your eBook

Now it’s time to publish your book. Make sure to have proof read it before this last step. After you’ve proof read you should then save your book as PDF.

This can be done from Microsoft Word by going to Office Button >> Save As and select PDF as the file type. Guess what! You just created your first EBook.

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So what next?

You have just created your first eBook. You can now start sharing via email. Sell at market places like Amazon and also offer as gifts to your Readers if you own a blog.

If you are a tutorial Blogger you can decide to sell some of your eBooks online with the help of a WordPress Plugin called Easy Digital Downloads.

So this is how to create an eBook. Now that you’ve learned this, with the help of the guide you can create thousands of eBooks.

Making Money from eBooks

Did you just publish your eBook? You may also want to know ways to make money with your eBook. Having your eBook published online is one step; another is making money from those eBooks.

Have you ever come to think of it? You can actually make money from your writing skills.

If you are a good writer and your contents add value, then it’s very certain that you can make some money from creating eBooks and selling them

But before then, there are things you need to take note of before going into making money with eBooks.

What you need to make money with eBooks

You have just published your eBook and are ready to start making money with it. Here are few things to note;

1. The Quality of your eBook [Not Quantity]

Before you plan on monetizing your eBook, have you thought about these questions: How can my eBook add value?

These should not be taken slightly as no one wants to read an eBook that is of low quality. What I am saying, in essence, is that your eBook should be of high quality. In that, it adds value to its reader. If your eBook is of high quality and beneficent then you are on the right track.

2. eBook Formatting Matters

It’s required you save your work in a format that can be read easily by any computer or Mobile Phone. It’s recommended you save your work in a .pdf format.

After considering the above two then you should check below on ways to make money with eBooks.

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How to Make Money from eBooks

Selling your eBooks

There are no two ways to making money with your eBooks rather than selling. The best way you can make money with your eBooks is by selling them. Yes, it’s like sharing your good knowledge of something and in return makes some bucks.

Below is a quick guide to selling your eBooks.

There are different places online you can sell your eBooks to make some money. Example of such websites is Amazon

More examples of websites where you can sell your eBooks include:

  • (Freelance Market Place)
  • (Freelance Market Place)
  • Smarshword
  • Kobo Writing Life
  • PubIt
  • Booktango
  • Gumroad

While the above-listed websites help in publishing your e-book for sale, you also stand to pay for some fees. Such as when any one purchases your eBook.

In order to avoid these fees, you can decide to sell your eBooks on your personal blog.

All you need to get started is to start your own blog on WordPress. Then get a premium WordPress Plugin called “WP eStore” or a free Plugin [Easy Digital Downloads]. These plugins give you total control of your eBooks.

You can decide to promote them on your social media account. While you send the eBook to interested buyer’s email upon payment confirmation.

Proven Ways to Sell your eBooks Really Fast

1. Write a review

What it entails and how one can benefit from having it

2.  Eye Catching Covers

Create an eBook

Now to get more attention, you should design nice and attractive covers for your eBooks. I make use of Canva for designing my eBook covers; you can as well make use of some Photoshop Actions. However, I recommend Canva for any new beginner. 

3.  Appealing Title

Create an eBook

Simply use great titles when presenting your eBooks as this creates an impression at first. Telling buyers what they want to purchase.

4. Offer freebies

While you sell your eBooks, also remember to give out some freebies to your regular buyers. This would encourage them to keep buying from you.


Following those techniques, selling your eBooks really fast should not be a problem.

I have now come to the end of the post for today. Do you have any questions or contributions concerning this post? Simply drop it in the comment box. I will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Author Bio

Prosper Noah is the Founder of Tips On Blogging

When it comes to Growing a Blog, he’s the best in the game.

His tips have helped a lot of people start and manage their own Blogs.

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    Hi Anyaogu..

    Thanks for the guide. what is the best plugin that we can use for optin the email when anyone want our ebook. please advice

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    Brilliant guide! I’m in the process of writing a book just now so this will come in handy!

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  6. Prince Akwarandu

    Thanks for this comprehensive guide, Prosper. The future of writing is what some people are neglecting. Anyone can make money selling books, but, that doesn;t guarantee selling of quacks to people instead of giving value. I love this guide cos it’s gonna help many people learn how to create, design and make money selling ebooks.

    1. Anyaogu Ikechukwu

      Before you can think of selling your eBook, it must be of great value. Nobody wants to buy an eBook that cannot improve his life.

      Thanks for stopping by Prince

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      Quality is all that matters

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    Great Share here Prosper..

    E-books are a cute way of earning money online although to be candid, it would take lots of time, determination, and careful planning before coming up with an awesome e-book.

    But when the result is out, it does worth all the efforts. People can also create e-books to be more closer to their audience by sharing it as freebie *wink*

    1. Anyaogu Ikechukwu

      Hello Tuham, Thanks for stopping by. I read one of your eBooks. I really enjoyed it

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    Nice tips from Noah. Easier said, yes, it’s not really easy marketing ebooks or stuffs online as a newbie.

    All the same , thanks for your post.

  11. Susan Velez

    Hi Prosper,

    I wish I would’ve read this post before, I just published my first ebook on Kindle about a week ago.

    It does take some time to write an ebook and get it published online. However, I do believe that every blogger should write one.

    We all want to make money with our blogs. Otherwise, we wouldn’t work as hard as we do.

    It’s nice to have an ebook or other products that your readers can buy from you.

    I am also selling an ebook on my own site. I used Easy Digital Downloads to sell it directly on my blog.

    It’s a great plugin and easy to set up.

    Thanks for sharing these tips, I’ll be sure to keep them in mind when I write my next ebook.

    Have a great day 🙂


    1. Anyaogu Ikechukwu

      Thanks for stopping by Susan.

      I am still planning to write my eBook and I will use easy digital to sell it or give it out for free

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    Great share here Joshua!

    I once wrote a book but the design cover is not so that good..
    Thanks for opening my eye to Canva and you wouldn’t believe it that i’ve been a fan of Canva for a long time but have forgotten one can design ebook covers there too

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