$ 150
  • Create WordPress Website
  • Design and Customization
  • Install Plugins and ready to launch


$ 300
  • 10 quality contents
  • 1000 words article each
  • Plagiarism Free
  • SEO friendly


$ 150 / month
  • SEO Articles
  • 1000 Backlinks
  • Social Bookmarking
  • On-Page SEO
  • Yoast Setup


$ 200
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Ads
  • Forum Ads
  • Twitter Ads


Tell us your budget. How much would you like to pay for any of the service above? we will respond to you as soon as possible.

    Content Blast
    Search Engine Optimization
    Paid Advertising

    When new businesses see how competitive their industry is, they give up too easily.

    “We can’t make it to the top”. That’s their conclusion.

    But here is the truth.

    Any business can thrive no matter how tough the industry is. You can always make headway.

    You care about your business so much right?

    Yes! I know you do.

    Do you want to generate passive income? Of course, every business wants that.

    Starting a business is one thing, but making a fortune with it is another thing.

    You might have created that business, but you are still struggling to make your voice heard.

    You want the whole world to know about your business.

    You want to be the number one in your industry and make passive income for yourself.

    We have provided an opportunity for you to do that. And that’s what we call


    We know that almost everything in the world is going online.

    Any business that doesn’t have an online presence will not reach the level it ought to be.

    Check around you. The big companies you hear about. Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Nike etc.

    If not the internet, would you think they would exist?

    Of course not!

    I know you might be thinking “I can market my business offline”. Well, that’s true. But it’s going to be stressful for you and as a matter of fact, take a long time.

    Oh! The hassle is too much. You need to take the load off your back.

    What type of business do you have?

    Photography, Computer, Supermarket, Books etc, let’s help you get it online and start generating leads and customers for your business.

    Take a look at our price list below

    Website Creation

    The first thing we do is to create a website for you. That’s the first step to dominating the web. Here we help you buy a domain name for your business and create a website for you using WordPress and customize it to suit your style.

    Content Blast

    Ok, you got your website up on running; you need to reach out to the whole world with content.

    The truth is, content makes up the internet. Content is king. Everybody needs information.

    We will create quality contents for you and post it on websites, blogs, YouTube channels and forums. Links will be pointed back to your website. This will expose your business and give you the online visibility that you want.

    Search Engine Optimization

    Wow! Everyone is searching for information every day.

    Here we help you get visible in search engines by optimizing your website. We conduct both on-page SEO like inserting keywords, creating SEO contents and installing SEO plugins like Yoast. On the other hand, we will also do off-page SEO like link building and social bookmarking.


    Not everybody knows how to run ads.

    Most people think it’s all about creating a Facebook page then throwing up their $50 on one of their products without targeting a group of people that actually need the product.

    Let’s help you run ads and reach out to a lot of potentials customers on Facebook, Instagram, Google, Twitter and other platforms. This is the costliest method of dominating the web.

    Dominate the web and become an authority

    Get started with Passion Entrepreneurs.