5 Options to Consider Before Financing a Car


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When a person goes to buy a new car, they find out that there are several financing options available.

Knowing which one is best for their specific situation can be challenging, as the terms and rates of each loan option differ.

It is best to consider the following choices before shopping for a new car. Doing so helps ensure the right decision is made when financing a car.

financing a car

1. Get a Loan From a Financial Institution

Every person looking to buy a new car should shop around for the best interest rate and loan terms. Many people fail to do this and end up paying more for a car than they need to.

A person might believe they won’t qualify for a loan because they have bad credit or no credit. However, there are lenders today, such as Consumer Portfolio Services, who work with drivers in this situation, as they understand credit problems can happen to anyone.

They work with these individuals to help them raise their credit scores so they can get better loan terms in the future.

2. Get a Loan Through the Dealer

Countless individuals go to purchase a new car and never consider financing until they sit down with the salesperson to work out the final price. They then accept whatever financing the dealer offers them so they can drive off the lot in their new ride.

This tends to be one of the most expensive ways to buy a car because the dealer only offers them one loan option. They can either take it or leave it. Many drivers take it and regret doing so because they pay more than they need to for the car.

3. Lease a Car

Leasing a car is one way to get a new vehicle and have low monthly payments. In many cases, no down payment is required.

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The borrower simply pays the fees and the first month’s payment and drives the car off the lot. In addition, taxes are lower with a leased vehicle because the driver only pays a portion since they don’t own the car outright.

They will return it to the dealer when the lease is up. This option allows a person to get a new car more often, and many people choose to do so before the manufacturer’s warranty expires.

4. Borrow From Family and Friends

If a person cannot get financing through other means, borrowing from family and friends may be an option. However, before doing so, work out an agreement for the funds to be paid, and put this agreement in writing.

This helps to prevent disagreements in the future and keep the relationship intact. This is never the best option because it could lead to the loss of the relationship if both parties don’t abide by the agreement.

5. Buy Outright

If possible, pay for a new car in cash. Most people struggle to do this because the cost of new and used cars has skyrocketed in the past few years.

However, paying cash remains the best way to purchase a vehicle and own it outright. Once a person owns a car, it cannot be taken away from them unless it is used for criminal activity.

Begin saving now to pay cash for the next vehicle that is purchased. Doing so is possible but takes planning on the part of the driver.

Take the time to compare all options to determine which is best. Do so before looking at cars to know exactly how much can be spent on this purchase.

No person wants to learn they got a car they thought they could afford only to discover the monthly payments combined with the insurance, gas, and repairs are more than they can afford. Plan ahead to ensure this never becomes an issue.

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