Why You Should Hire A Virtual Receptionist For Your Copywriting Business


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Virtual Receptionist
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Effective communication is a vital key for any business to succeed.  A virtual receptionist is one who will make these communications effective so that you can focus your mind on other important things as a business owner.

If you run a publishing house or copywriting business, you might be thinking that virtual reception services are not necessary, yet, in fact, this revolutionary industry can help every business, not just those connected with the written content. The fact is that every company needs effective communication and if your business has several phone lines that need to be manned at all times, this is not always possible.


Professional Call Handling Services

How does a virtual receptionist service work?

Well, the virtual receptionist is actually located at the provider’s call centre and when a person calls your office number, the call is instantly transferred to the virtual receptionist, who answers promptly and professionally.

This ensures that all incoming calls are handled as they should be and that is great for the image of your company.

Who knows how much business has been lost through missing incoming calls? If you would like further information about the wide range of services a call handling company offers, check out www.officehq.com.au, Australia’s leading provider of virtual reception services.


Tailored to Suit Your Business

The great thing about virtual reception services is that the provider will tailor the service to perfectly suit your business.

You might, for example, already have a full-time receptionist who handles all incoming calls, but what about after business hours? People do not like to have their calls answered by a machine and with the virtual provider, you can arrange for them to take over when your receptionist clocks off.

They can also handle weekends and when your receptionist takes her well-deserved holiday, your virtual receptionist partner is ready to take over until she returns.

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Keeping Key People Informed

When the key staff is not kept up-to-date, things can go wrong. Meetings can be missed and important appointments can suffer. With a virtual receptionist passing on all messages to the relevant people, everyone will be on the same page so to speak.


Boosting Your Company Image

Having all incoming calls professionally handled is a vital asset to any business, as it ensures that your clients are always treated professionally. The importance of image in business cannot be overemphasised, especially in the publishing industry where you have writers contacting you with a view to having their manuscript published.

All virtual receptionists are qualified. They handle all calls in a professional manner and they are able to work with the client’s script – so you can create your very own telephone greeting.


Keep In Touch

As a business owner, it is vital that you are always well-informed and you can arrange for the virtual receptionist to forward all calls to your mobile number. Wherever you are in the world, you can stay on top of all developments and therefore, are always in a position to make an informed decision, and there are many other services the provider has on offer.

If you would like to explore the potential that call handling has for your business, an online search will put you in touch with a leading provider.

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