Hospitality Industry Development in the 21st Century

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Looking back at the past, the hospitality industry has always been one of the top industries in the world due to the fact that it has always been a stable source of profit which supports the state’s budget.

But how much has changed in the field since its beginnings?

It might come as a surprise, but the way a hotel is operated hasn’t changed a lot since it was defined in the 1950s. Of course, modernization has given us one of the most incredible hotel experiences ever, but, the way they function is practically the same.

Let’s go over the flashback of the timeline of the development of the hospitality industry.

After the WW2, something extraordinary happened in the industry. Kemmons Wilson founded Holiday Inn and Conrad Hilton started the Hilton chain of hotels. Why is this so extraordinary? Because these two men defined the needs of the post-war customer.

What they established as a new rule became the basis of every new business plan made for starting a business. Thanks to their vision, today the world can feast on magnificent hotelier experience with service that makes everybody feel worth it.

They managed to create a lifestyle – not a simple guest room or restaurant experience. This lifestyle included four segments: deep sleep where the customer will rest sublimely in a complete and ultimate rejuvenation; replenishment – where health and the well being were promoted; rejuvenation which reduced stress and supported social interaction and positive energy; and, finally, amusement – entertainment of the customers.

These descriptions of the services provided by the two famous founders are pillars of every new visionary in the hospitality business.

The new business plans use every concept created in the spirit of the postwar period and the project development is defined by their rules. 

Today is all about the complete satisfaction and transformation of the customer into a returning visitor. Every single detail in the room, in the lounge, in the restaurant or in the bar is there with a purpose.

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They are there to exceed the expectations of the clients. Even the most demanding clients will find something that will please their curiosity.

Standing from this point of view, we are witnessing further development of the 1950s prototype, especially in Asian countries where the hospitality industry is booming with never before seen buildings and miraculous-type services. However, these new hotels still use the principles and standards that the chains of hotels from the past established.

So, how would hotels and hotel standards look like in 2050? We could only imagine the necessity of improvement and the inevitable changes that are to take place. With the online world and all the online opportunities, where photos, reviews and in-depth descriptions are offered by clients who have already visited the hotels, people have the chance to choose the best for their taste.

Because of this online demand, every single hotel must raise their standards and show the value the clients will get from them. Websites like Booking, Trip Advisor, Airbnb and many more make comparisons between the hotels and offer incredible opportunities for the upcoming travellers.

This makes everything different than before. Building a brand out of a hotel today means much more than it meant in the past.

To sum up, the hospitality industry is ever-changing – even if it has the postwar standards as the pillars of the concept. The industry becomes much more competitive with every single day that passes and to pass the test to be an ultimately relaxing and satisfying hotelier experience, one has to accept a few challenges.

At the end of the day, it is all about client satisfaction and by achieving it to become a leader in the community. That is all it takes to move further.



AUTHOR: Hannah Derby

Hannah Derby is a proud Economics major and an enthusiast of the hot trends in the global industry. She often blogs about what is current and offers her insights to her readers, which many times have proven helpful and useful. In her free time, she loves walking with her dog Lassie and enjoys a beer in the nearest pub. 

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