6 Simple Ways To Know What your customers want


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What do your customers want? If you can answer that question, then you are on your way to making sales.

As an entrepreneur, you probably have understood this principle about making a lot of profit:

The happier your customers are with the goods or services you offer, the more your product sales and the more your business grow.

One way you can keep your customers happy is always providing what they want when they call on you.

But this simple task becomes an uphill battle when you do not know these six ways to know what your customers want at a specific time.

Let me take you through this


Customers Want


1. What Is Trending

Most customers want the latest item in town, once they can afford it. This forms the basis for what you are to place on sales. 

That latest sneakers shoe will yield more sales than the one produced the previous year while a t-shirt with the image of world stars will also record a lot of sales especially when there is a recent achievement by them. 

You can discover what’s trending by asking around or listening to the media.


2. Quality Product with Cheapest Value

This is just what most customers have in mind when coming to market. If you can provide them with this (perhaps a well-known brand) at an affordable rate, then you have what your customers would always want. 

It’s advisable to buy less quantity of stock that is expensive especially when they have a cheaper and efficient replacement.


3. Speak to Your Clients

You can conduct surveys with your loyal clients to know what improvements they would like to see you make to your products and also how they would want you to serve them.

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You can also discern through this means what you have done right so you can stick with it.


4. What You Would Want

Your customers are humans like you are, therefore most customers want that quality product that you also want.

Some business men have found it fruitful to suggest to clients products that they have used before and can vouch for rather than those they know nothing about. This builds your patronizers trust in the product. 


5. Paying Close Attention to Customer Behavior

When customers visit your firm, try to find out how they react to certain proposals you make or remarks they make about some goods. That is a good way to decide what they would want. 

If a customer buys shoes from your boutique, then it is likely they would want socks. But if they reject your offer to buy a shirt, then they would likely not want a tie.


6. Geographical Features

This is another important determinant of what your clients would want, because some goods and services may not be acceptable in your locale.

Think vividly about someone trying to sell Bibles in a Muslim community instead of a Quran. You also do not sell cold water on a rainy day or coffee in a hot weather. 

Think about what will be really beneficial to your clients and that is what you must sell. 



I will end this piece with an advice

“Do not guess”

Guessing cannot tell you what your customers want. It might even worsen it.

Apply this simple tips in your business and see how you will make more customers and increase your sales.




Have you ever tried any of the above tips? Share with us in the comment section below.

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