Top 4 Things to Look for In a Legal Recruiter


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Legal Recruiter

When working with a legal recruiter in Canada, you can benefit from many unparalleled advantages. They can revitalize your postings about jobs, help you find the best legal support talent, and can cultivate candidates offering the skills needed to do the job well, candidates that fit into your work culture and work well with your existing team.

Even when it comes to hiring executives (especially when it comes to executives), you need to know that you’re getting the best candidate, so when looking for an executive recruiting expert you need to know that they’re dedicated and knowledgeable.

However, a quality legal recruiter could mean the difference between your team is a well-oiled machine and your team being a rusty old clunker.

Here are 4 attributes that you should look for to help maximize the benefits of having a legal recruiter.

1. Knowledge of the Industry and Market

The recruiter you pick should have a vast knowledge of the market you work in.

Specifically, they should know what type of clients you are seeking. They should be able to identify whom your major competitors are, and they should be able to articulate how your company stands out from those competitors.

The best legal recruiters will have knowledge of the industry and know what makes their clients so unique.

Legal recruiter

2. Geographical Knowledge

Some legal recruiters have a vast network with a national reach.

A legal recruiter in Canada will be more helpful if you want to find legal support professionals that are already familiar with your area but don’t constrain yourself to just your immediate surroundings.

Make sure that you choose a recruiter who knows the area that you live in well and has a vast network of locals available, as well as knowledge of the Canadian legal landscape at large.

3. Candidate Knowledge

The legal recruiter that you choose should know who the top names are in your industry and should be familiar with the up and coming stars.

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They should be able to find legal support professionals working for competing firms and be able to bring them to your team, acting as the ultimate legal matchmaker, working tirelessly in your corner to ensure that your team gets the best talent possible.

4. Long-Term Focus

Your legal recruiter should understand the benefits of long-term strategic staffing.

They should get feedback on the candidates that they recommend and know who the best candidates are in the context of your organization and long-term goals.

They should be working on building long-term relationships with a better understanding of what your needs are – if they are only looking at short-term solutions to your problems, they are likely not the best recruiter for your business.



The best legal recruiters will strive to find the best legal support candidates for your company, communicating with you in order to help put together the best teams producing the best results. Hopefully, these four characteristics will help you to find the best legal recruiter available, so you can put together the best legal team possible.

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